Genotypic Variability of the Components and their Effects on the Rice Yield: Correlation and Path Analysis Study

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Md. Rokonuzzaman *
Mohammed Salim Zahangir
Imam Hussain
Sharkhawat Hossain
(*) Corresponding Author:
Md. Rokonuzzaman |


Twenty modern Boro rice varieties were evaluated with a view to find variability and genetic association for grain yield and yield components characters. Genotypic and Phenotypic correlation among these characters were computed. Both genotypic and phenotypic correlation coefficients were significant between plant height and number of effective tillers per plant followed by panicle length. There was a positive significant correlation between yield and number of effective tillers per plant followed by percent filled grain per panicle. Path coefficient showed that number of effective tiller per plant and plant height are the characters that contribute largely to grain yield.

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