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The Italian Journal of Agronomy (IJA) is the official journal of the Italian Society for Agronomy. It publishes quarterly original articles and reviews reporting experimental and theoretical contributions to agronomy and crop science, with main emphasis on original articles from Italy and countries having similar agricultural conditions. The journal deals with all aspects of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the interactions between cropping of sustainable development. Multidisciplinary articles that bridge agronomy with ecology, environmental and social sciences are also accepted.

Vol 13 No 3 (2018)

Published: 2018-08-30

Podolian cattle: reproductive activity, milk and future prospects

Carlo Cosentino, Carmine D'Adamo, Salvatore Naturali, Giovanni Pecora, Rosanna Paolino, Mauro Musto, Francesco Adduci, Pierangelo Freschi

Field bean for forage and grain in short-season rainfed Mediterranean conditions

Marco Mariotti, Victoria Andreuccetti, Iduna Arduini, Sara Minieri, Silvia Pampana

Straw uses trade-off only after soil organic carbon steady-state

Agata Novara, Mauro Sarno, Paulo Pereira, Artemi Cerdà, Eric C. Brevik, Luciano Gristina

Modelling plant yield and quality response of fresh-market spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) to mineral nitrogen availability in the root zone

Daniele Massa, Luca Incrocci, Luca Botrini, Giulia Carmassi, Cecilia Diara, Pasquale Delli Paoli, Giorgio Incrocci, Rita Maggini, Alberto Pardossi

Greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from soil: The effect of organic matter and fertilisation method

Leonardo Verdi, Marco Mancini, Mirjana Ljubojevic, Simone Orlandini, Anna Dalla Marta
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