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Italian Journal of Agronomy

The Italian Journal of Agronomy (IJA) is the official journal of the Italian Society for Agronomy. It publishes quarterly original articles and reviews reporting experimental and theoretical contributions to agronomy and crop science, with main emphasis on original articles from Italy and countries having similar agricultural conditions. The journal deals with all aspects of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the interactions between cropping of sustainable development. Multidisciplinary articles that bridge agronomy with ecology, environmental and social sciences are also accepted.

A new compartmentalised rhizotron system for root phenotyping Indicators of agricultural intensity and intensification: a review of the literature Omega-3 supplementation, milk quality and cow immune-competence Agronomic behaviour of some Cynodon dactylon ecotypes for... Long-term effects of best management practices on crop yield... Field inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhiza on maize... Effect of destoned olive cake on the aromatic profile of cows... Exploitability of cultivated and wild cardoon as long-term, low-input energy crops

Vol 10, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents

Short communications
Sara Lombardo, Gaetano Pandino, Cristina Restuccia, Giuseppe Muratore, Fabio Licciardello, Rosario Paolo Mauro, Roberto Pesce, Giovanni Mauromicale
Giuseppe Gatta, Angela Libutti, Anna Gagliardi, Grazia Disciglio, Luciano Beneduce, Mariangela d'Antuono, Michele Rendina, Emanuele Tarantino
Rosario Paolo Mauro, Umberto Anastasi, Sara Lombardo, Gaetano Pandino, Roberto Pesce, Restuccia Alessia, Giovanni Mauromicale
Giovanni Fecondo, Sabina Bucciarelli, Elvio Di Paolo, Giovanni Ghianni
Stefano Canali, Gabriele Campanelli, Corrado Ciaccia, Mariangela Diacono, Fabrizio Leteo, Angelo Fiore, Francesco Montemurro
Original Articles
Pasquale Campi, Francesca Modugno, Alejandra Navarro, Fausto Tomei, Giulia Villani, Marcello Mastrorilli
Massimo Monteleone, Pasquale Garofalo, Anna Rita Bernadette Cammerino, Angela Libutti
Riccardo Sartoni, Walter Zegada-Lizarazu, Andrea Monti
Irune Ruiz-Martinez, Elisa Marraccini, Marta Debolini, Enrico Bonari

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