A Special Issue on "Biodegradable plastic films in agriculture" is coming soon!


Title: Biodegradable plastic films in agriculture

Call: This special issue will be focused on the use of biodegradable mulch films (polyester-based) in Agriculture across the world. The papers will provide scientific evidence on the actual biodegradation processes of plastic film in agricultural soils and/or their effects on crop yield, quality, or soil. The candidate articles must be agronomy-oriented with hypotheses, objectives, and results addressing best farming practices and/or policies in the use of bioplastics in agriculture.

The studies on degradation of biodegradable films must be carried out in a soil environment (agricultural soils are recommended), either in an open field or laboratory conditions. Composting or water environments will not be considered, because they go beyond the scope of this special issue. Papers that address only the physicochemical aspects of plastic degradation (e.g., changes of polymer structure from the plastic film) without a clear agronomic aim do not fit with journal aims, and thus, will be not be considered as well.

Priority will be given to the following topics:
• Outcomes from multi-year/site experiments focusing on the use and degradation degree of bioplastic films coupled with effects on crop yield, quality, and/or different soil indicators
• Outcomes from studies considering the effects of different agronomic practices (e.g., tillage type and depth) for the incorporation of biodegradable plastics into the soil
• Novel and improved methodologies on the assessment of biodegradation rates of biodegradable mulch films in the soil environment
• Outcomes from research projects focusing on innovative agronomic practices based on the use of biodegradable plastic in cropping systems, including studies on adaptation to climate change

We welcome studies resulting from innovative research, reviews, and metanalyses.

1st December – Deadline for manuscripts submission

Authors are recommended to carefully check the Journal Guidelines and policies before submitting: https://agronomy.it/index.php/agro/about/submissions

The guest editors that will coordinate this special issue are:
• Dr. Ayaka Kishimoto (NARO, Japan) - mail: mow@affrc.go.jp
• Dr. Henry Sintim (UGA, US) - mail: hsintim@uga.edu
• Prof. Luigi Ledda (UNIVPM, Italy) - mail: l.ledda@univpm.it

Accepted articles will be assigned a doi and published as ahead of prints, after receiving the Article fee and the required documents.
For payment details see at: https://www.agronomy.it/index.php/agro/fee