Water management as a key component of integrated weed management

  • Antonio Berti | mikimos@mac.com
  • Paolo Bàrberi
  • Francesco Vidotto
  • Aldo Ferrero
  • Giuseppe Zanin


Water management within the cropping system is a key factor for an integrated weed management. Soil moisture affects seed persistence and seed dormancy, thus influencing their germination, the establishment of seedlings as well as the competition at adult stage and the number, vitality and dormancy of the new seeds produced by the weeds. The interactions among water availability and competition are very complex and still not fully understood. A research effort in this sector should the be very relevant for the development of new approaches of weed management, such as “Ecological weed management”, aiming to reduce weed density and competitiveness and, in the medium term, to prevent undesired modifications of the weed flora.



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Berti, A., Bàrberi, P., Vidotto, F., Ferrero, A., & Zanin, G. (2010). Water management as a key component of integrated weed management. Italian Journal of Agronomy, 1(s3), 541-552. https://doi.org/10.4081/ija.2006.s3.541

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