DNA markers as a tool for genetic traceability of primary product in agri-food chains

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Daria Scarano
Cinzia Montemurro
Giandomenico Corrado
Antonio Blanco
Rosa Rao *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Rosa Rao | rao@unina.it


The agri-food components of the Made in Italy are well known all over the world, therefore they may significantly contribute to the Italian economy. However, also owing to a large number of cases of improper labelling, the Italian agro-food industry faces an ever-increasing competition. For this reason, there is a decline of consumers’ confidence towards food production systems and safety controls. To prevent erroneous classification of products and to protect consumers from false instore information, it is important to develop and validate techniques that are able to detect mislabelling at any stage of the food-chain. This paper describes some examples of genetic traceability of primary products in some important plant food chains such as durum wheat, olive and tomato, based on DNA analysis both of raw material and of processed food (pasta, olive oil, and peeled tomato).

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