Sustainable Water Resources Management to Combat Desertification in the Nurra Region, Northwestern Sardinia, Italy

  • Giorgio Ghiglieri |
  • Giulio Barbieri
  • Antonio Vernier
  • Alberto Carletti
  • Daniele Pittalis


Sustainable water management plays an important role in the frame of the multidisciplinary research activities aiming to combat or to mitigate the desertification processes. The study activities have been carried out by RIADE Research Project (Integrated Research for Applying new technologies and processes for combating Desertification, RIADE was co-financed by MIUR within the National Operative Programme 2000-2006. The primary objective was to explore and to develop models and strategies for innovative and sustainable solutions of water resources management, adopting a multidisciplinary approach, at the catchment and hydrogeological basin scale in a Mediterranean context, using a case history of a pilot area in NW Sardinia (Italy). The high concentration of population in this coastal zone and the intense agricultural activity have determined a relevant increase of water demand. This demand is generally satisfied by surface water, but, in some peculiar dry periods, it exceeds the available quantities. In these critical periods, groundwater are the only alternative source constituting a strategic water resource. The groundwater chemical properties are then correlated with the effects of the anthropogenic pressures. The used approach shows the application of groundwater protection criteria, in accordance with EU policies, and it was aimed to develop a methodological tool which can be applied to different scenarios.


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Ghiglieri, G., Barbieri, G., Vernier, A., Carletti, A., & Pittalis, D. (2010). Sustainable Water Resources Management to Combat Desertification in the Nurra Region, Northwestern Sardinia, Italy. Italian Journal of Agronomy, 5(3S), 7-14.